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Indian Insurance – Protecting Indians and Asians in Ireland

Getting car insurance in Ireland is always a big challenge for people belonging to the Indian Subcontinents. The reasons are;

  • – Not having a No Claims Bonus
  • – No acceptance of the Indian Full Licence by Irish Insurance companies
  • – Having a learner licence and no history of driving experience on European Roads etc.

At Indian Insurance we are currently working on trying to find an acceptable solution to this dilemma. With the current problems facing the Irish Motor Insurance industry, this is not a simple task but we are fully engaged in finding solutions.

Most of us who have been here for a number of years are lucky to have a full driving licence and a five year No Claim Bonus. However, with increasing motor premiums, many of us still struggle to find the right package.[/two_third]

We have very competitive prices on mortgage protection and life insurance pension and investments plans for your children’s education. You can also save tax free for your home mortgage deposit.

Please feel free to contact us on 01-8022371 if you have any issues relating to the above services.